5 Ways to Tell if You Need Professional Credit Repair

Even as a veteran, your credit history and score will follow you around for the rest of your life and ultimately determine how much you pay for things like cars, credit card interest, and even your home – if you qualify at all. Though everyone tries to maintain a good credit history, sometimes things can happen that take you off track. Below are some signs that you could benefit from the help of a professional credit repair service that specializes in helping vets. 

#1 – You Can’t Get a Credit Card or Credit Limit Increase

It’s happened to everyone at some point. You’ve applied for a new credit card, or you’ve asked your current card company to increase your credit limit, and you’ve been rejected. This typically happens due to a low credit score, recent delinquencies, or a limited credit history. Fortunately, professional credit repair is a great place to start. These experts can help you dive into your credit history and get you back on track so you can get the card you need. 

#2 – You Don’t Understand Your Credit Reports and Scores

You have numerous credit scores and reports from three separate and independent credit bureaus, and it’s critical that you obtain your free copies from each once per year. However, if you don’t understand your credit score or the information found in your credit report, it isn’t a very powerful tool, and you won’t be able to use it to your advantage. This is another reason to contact a professional for help with credit issues. They can help you better understand your credit reports and perhaps even remove mistakes that are adversely affecting your ability to obtain credit. 

#3 – You Can’t Get a Home Loan

Many people aren’t even aware that they have credit issues until they attempt to buy their first homes. The requirements for obtaining a standard mortgage are fairly stringent, and if your credit is significantly damaged, you may not even be able to obtain a VA home loan despite the simpler eligibility requirements. A professional credit repair service can help you figure out why you were denied and determine a course of action that can help you fix your credit and get approved for the home you and your family need. 

#4 – You’re Receiving Debt Collection Calls and Letters

One of the worse feelings in the world is dealing with the incessant phone calls and letters from debt collectors that you simply cannot afford to pay. They can be relentless, and in many cases, they will even belittle you and try to intimidate you into paying. This can take a serious toll on your wellbeing, but professionals can help. They can put you on a repayment plan that will stop the calls, stop the letters, and help you get your life back. 

#5 – You’re Ready to Regain Control of Your Credit

If you feel as if you’ve lost control over your finances and you’re in over your head, you are certainly not alone. This is a common issue among many veterans who find it difficult to effectively manage their money while they are deployed, especially if they are helping family members at home or paying off obligations that they had prior to joining the military. If this sounds familiar to you and you just want to feel as if you have control over your money again, a credit pro is by far the best answer. 

Bad credit isn’t the end of the world, even if you are fending off nonstop calls from creditors or you’re being refused credit by every lender you try. In fact, there are expert credit professionals standing by who specialize in helping people just like you stop the calls, stop the letters, stop the stress, and regain control over their credit. 


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